Punch Bowl Pointers

At a Christmas party, a bridal or baby shower, or even an elegant afternoon tea, it is customary to serve a festive fruit punch in a lovely glass punch bowl.

How does a hostess keep this pleasing party beverage frosty and cold during the party?

Make a Nice Ice Mold

A solid ice ring will sit nicely in your party punch bowl, keeping your festive party drink chilled and delicious.

Take a gelatin ring mold (preferably a plastic one). Fill your gelatin ring mold with fresh water. Add a bit of food coloring to match your party decorations and colors, if you wish.

Cut-up strawberries, blueberries, or even citrus fruit may be added at this point depending on your punch recipe.

Freeze the gelatin ring mold for several hours (ideally, overnight) before the party.

Slip Ice Out and Serve

Just before serving your party punch, slip the pretty frozen ice ring out of the gelatin mold, and place it in your punch bowl.

Pour your prepared party punch over the ice ring.

The ice ring will float in the party punch and keep your lovely beverage both cool and refreshing. Every physical science student knows that heat naturally rises, and cold descends, so your punch will be chilled well by the pretty ice ring you have made.

Also, as your invited guests ladle their own servings of party punch from your punch bowl, they will not have to slosh through loose ice cubes, which tend to melt and dilute your delicious drink.

Super-Easy Punch Bowl

Do you need a pretty punch bowl for your party?

Fancy glass punch bowls can be quite pricey. With little ladles and matching punch cups, a punch bowl set can cost a pretty penny. Why shell out plenty of cash for a punch bowl, when you can improvise a bit and create your own?

Here’s a simple solution. If you have a glass-domed cake platter (with a pedestal base), you can make your own pretty punch bowl in a moment. (Glass-domed cake platters are available at discount department stores, and they are considerably less costly than punch bowls.)

Flip the pedestal cake base over on your serving table, so the pedestal portion is facing upwards. Invert the glass dome cover, and set it on top of the pedestal cake base.

Voila! You now have a lovely, party-perfect punch bowl. (This trick also works for seven-layer salads, trifle desserts and other showcase recipes requiring a footed serving bowl.)