What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are inflamed veins that come to the surface of the skin on or around the anus. They are extremely uncomfortable and often cause itchiness and discomfort sitting. While they are treatable through a hemorrhoids home remedy, surgery, a good hemorrhoid cream, and even though the pain can be controlled with other over the counter medicine, many people would prefer to avoid an outbreak altogether.

Understanding what causes hemorrhoids is one way to help avoid future problems along those lines.

Unfortunately, there is not only clear reason why hemorrhoids form. There are many different theories though, so these are a great place to start looking, to help you decide if perhaps you can reduce the chance that you face them in the future.

3 Causes of hemorrhoids

  • Lack of Fiber – Constant straining and constipation has been seen in many people who have hemorrhoids, though this is not always the case.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women often face this side effect, especially late in pregnancy
  • Tumors – Pelvic tumors can often cause hemorrhoids, but the appearance of hemorrhoids is not always a cause for alarm.

These are just a few of the things that seems to cause this annoying condition and you can find if hemorrhoids go away on their own or not. However, it is certainly not a conclusive list. Hemorrhoids are more common in older adults than younger, so there is also a theory that perhaps the thinning of the skin is a cause for hemorrhoids.

Understanding a few of the reason why you may wind up with hemorrhoids may not completely stop a future outbreak, but it can make you a bit more aware of things you could do to reduce your risk. If you have further questions, talking with your doctor may help clear up any misconceptions you face.