Reasons to not Drink Soda at Night

Soda is a prominent drink that many people choose to indulge in at all times of the day. However, soda is not exactly the healthiest of drinks. In most cases, soda is packed full of ingredients that can be damaging if indulged in regularly. Soda is made from carbonated water which is also not healthy and even diet soda drinks can prove to be unhealthy despite what it may say on the tine. There are many reasons as to why you should simply avoid drinking soda at night.

In most cases, soda is packed full of sugar. Sugar, when indulged in, releases energy into the body and when you are trying to relax at night, the last thing you need is an extra boost of energy as this can prove to keep you wide awake. Soda can also contain caffeine which can further contribute to keeping you awake at night and voiding you the right of a good night’s sleep. If you are looking to get to sleep at night, you should simply avoid soda as a means of ridding your body of any extra energy from sugar or caffeine sources that often make up soda drinks.

Soda can also be very fattening due to the fact that it is often packed full of so many different ingredients. The fact that you are looking to sleep at night means that drinking soda at night could actually prove to be a way of gaining weight unexpectedly. While you are sleeping, you are not going to burn off any extra calories from the soda that you put into your body at night which means you will subsequently be more likely to gain weight, especially if you drink excessive amounts over an elongated period of time. If weight is an issue for you, consider avoiding soda at night.

Soda is generally an unhealthy drink but it can be a nice treat if you drink it in moderation. However, there are times when soda just isn’t suitable and nighttimes is one of the main ones. Drinking soda at night can pump large amounts of sugar and caffeine into your system which can prove to keep you awake at night and make your sleeping patterns irregular and it can also prove to be packed full of fattening ingredients that cause you to gain weight as you sleep. Do not fall victim to the negative side effects of soda; opt for a nice, healthy drink of water at night before bed instead.

Punch Bowl Pointers

At a Christmas party, a bridal or baby shower, or even an elegant afternoon tea, it is customary to serve a festive fruit punch in a lovely glass punch bowl.

How does a hostess keep this pleasing party beverage frosty and cold during the party?

Make a Nice Ice Mold

A solid ice ring will sit nicely in your party punch bowl, keeping your festive party drink chilled and delicious.

Take a gelatin ring mold (preferably a plastic one). Fill your gelatin ring mold with fresh water. Add a bit of food coloring to match your party decorations and colors, if you wish.

Cut-up strawberries, blueberries, or even citrus fruit may be added at this point depending on your punch recipe.

Freeze the gelatin ring mold for several hours (ideally, overnight) before the party.

Slip Ice Out and Serve

Just before serving your party punch, slip the pretty frozen ice ring out of the gelatin mold, and place it in your punch bowl.

Pour your prepared party punch over the ice ring.

The ice ring will float in the party punch and keep your lovely beverage both cool and refreshing. Every physical science student knows that heat naturally rises, and cold descends, so your punch will be chilled well by the pretty ice ring you have made.

Also, as your invited guests ladle their own servings of party punch from your punch bowl, they will not have to slosh through loose ice cubes, which tend to melt and dilute your delicious drink.

Super-Easy Punch Bowl

Do you need a pretty punch bowl for your party?

Fancy glass punch bowls can be quite pricey. With little ladles and matching punch cups, a punch bowl set can cost a pretty penny. Why shell out plenty of cash for a punch bowl, when you can improvise a bit and create your own?

Here’s a simple solution. If you have a glass-domed cake platter (with a pedestal base), you can make your own pretty punch bowl in a moment. (Glass-domed cake platters are available at discount department stores, and they are considerably less costly than punch bowls.)

Flip the pedestal cake base over on your serving table, so the pedestal portion is facing upwards. Invert the glass dome cover, and set it on top of the pedestal cake base.

Voila! You now have a lovely, party-perfect punch bowl. (This trick also works for seven-layer salads, trifle desserts and other showcase recipes requiring a footed serving bowl.)

Product Reviews Mr Coffee Mug Warmer

Mug warmers are a very important accessory for many coffee and tea drinkers. The fact is, when drinking a beverage that is supposed to be warm, you want it to be…well, warm. To achieve this task, you must be willing to either sip the beverage until it is gone or frequently get up from what you are doing to warm up said beverage. Either way it can become a hassle and almost make you not want to bother with coffee or tea. You do have one final option and that is to just settle for drinking a cold beverage.

Enter the solution to the problem: a mug warmer. This is a handy little device designed to keep your choice of beverage in a mug, warm. There are several companies that make these warmers and even a choice of mediums to power them, electrical outlet, USB or battery. With all of the choices and price ranges, it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase. This is where user reviews come in handy. For example, the Mr.Coffee mug warmer could be just what you are looking for, but how do you know without simply buying it and hoping? Simple, check out some positive and negative reviews about it and then make your decision.

The good

One of the things most reviewers can agree on is that it functions correctly straight out of the box. Most can also agree it keeps hot coffee hot. The overall consensus seems to be that this warmer is affordable, which is a big deciding factor for some shoppers. The Mr.Coffee mug warmer is fairly compact, therefore not taking up valuable space on a desk. Another advantage is that the warmer will accommodate different sizes of mugs.

When you put all of the positive feedback from users, the Mr.Coffee mug warmer seems to get the job done sufficiently. The bottom line is, a mug warmer is supposed to keep a mug warm. Most reviewers on seem to feel it does its job. 

The bad

Now to the other side of the fence. There are also bad reviews of the Mr.Coffee mug warmer. Some reviewers feel it does not keep the beverage warm enough. Some say the warmer gets too warm for the surface it is sitting on (table, desk, etc). One thing that does stand out for some users is the lack of an auto shut feature. 

If any of the downsides to this warmer are a concerning factor, then one might want to shop and compare other warmers before making a final purchase decision. It is good to weigh the good and bad reviews from people who tried this product because personal experience speaks volumes. In the end, though, you must make up your own mind if the Mr.Coffee mug is right for you.

Who knew that buying something as basic as a mug warmer could be so complicated? The truth is it is not that difficult, you simply want to get your money’s worth from anything you buy. It pays to shop around and do some research before making a purchase of any kind these days. The one thing that can really help in making a final decision is by reading consumer product reviews.

People who love their hot beverages like coffee and tea, do not take their beverages lightly. Nor do they take purchasing beverage accessories lightly. For some of these people, choosing the right mug warmer is just as important as choosing the right mug.

Product Review Folgers Singles Classic Roast Coffee Bags

Coffee for one person is sometimes a difficult thing to accomplish. You either have to use instant coffee, do your best to brew one or two cups in the coffee maker or go to a coffeehouse. For some coffee drinkers, these options might not seem very appealing. It is true that a person can purchase a coffee machine specifically designed to brew one or two cups at a time, but sometimes the machines are just a plain hassle.

Folgers has come up with a product that works: coffee bags. The principle idea is the same as a tea bag, simply steep the bag in hot water. This is an interesting concept for coffee and deserves a some consideration.


Folgers coffee bags are a good solution for people that enjoy an occasional cup of coffee. Some people do not care to invest in a coffee maker and all of the things that go with it like paper filters and water filters. All they have to do is grab a coffee bag and boil some water. Since these coffee bags are also available in decaf, a person can even enjoy a soothing cup in the evening after dinner. 

A person can pop a couple of the individually sealed coffee bags into their purse, pocket or briefcase and have a fresh cup of coffee at work, school or just about anywhere. Folgers coffee bags are a great option for people who do not drink coffee at all, but have guests that do. 

Ease of use

The use of these bags couldn’t be easier: boil water and steep the bag for sixty seconds. Folgers has made it even easier if the person has a microwave; fill a cup with cold water, add the coffee bag and microwave for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 minutes. After the allotted time, dunk the bag a few times and voila! A fresh cup of coffee is ready to enjoy. 

Folgers Singles Classic Roast Coffee Bags are a great addition to buffet tables, afternoon get togethers and even holiday events. The bags are so quick and easy to use that they are sure to be a hit with just about any crowd.


The taste of Folgers coffee bag coffee is much richer than a cup of instant granule coffee. The flavor is comparable to coffee brewed in a coffee maker. The nice thing about Folgers coffee bags is people get all of the flavor and no “sludge” at the bottom of the cup.

The only warning about the flavor is it might be a bit strong for some palettes. The suggestion is to prepare the coffee as directed and then pour half into a clean mug and add some water to dilute it a bit. The advantage to this is that there will be two cups of coffee for the price of one bag! On the other hand, if the coffee is not strong enough, try using two bags in one cup. 


People that travel can enjoy Folgers coffee in their accommodation (hotel room, relative’s home, etc). The fact is many travelers dislike hotel/motel coffee offered in lobbies and in room. Now travelers have an option, other than instant granules, for their morning coffee. Most accommodations provide a microwave in the room or in the breakfast area, which makes it easy to prepare the coffee while checking out the breakfast offerings.

The nice thing about packing some Folgers coffee bags in the suitcase is that travelers no longer have to take their chances with convenience store coffee. It is certainly no secret that some convenience store coffee is a bit tough to swallow and can even cause stomach upset. Who wants to travel with lousy coffee and an upset stomach? 


The price for a 19 count box of Folgers coffee bags ranges between $4 and $6 (depending on the store). This is not too bad considering how much a pound of pre-ground coffee costs. There is no reason to buy coffee and chance having it become stale before using it all, when these coffee bags are such a great alternative. 

All in all, this product is another reason why so many people enjoy waking up to a cup of Folgers coffee. The price is right, the flavor and aroma are wonderful and there is just no beating the convenience of these coffee bags.